We have created a material that does not only replace the valuable raw material wood in many areas of application and conserves this resource, but can also be employed instead of plastic, laminate and metal.

Resysta Ingredients

Resysta is available as powder or granules.


With Resysta the extrusion of solid and hollow profiles and sheets in various wall thicknesses is possible. For in-house compounding of Resysta, we offer Active Resysta Filler (ARF), which is composed of ground rice husks and highly concentrated additives.

An elaborate procedure (PTRH Technology) enables us to treat the rice husk so that we have, for the first time, succeeded to provide for a process taking place between a natural fiber and a polymer. During this process, the rice husks completely bond with the polymer, and thus the positive properties of rice husk silicates are reflected in the compound. Thanks to the bipolarity of the material, its surface crosslinks with water but cannot be penetrated by water.

We offer a completely new material standard, which is now available worldwide and can enhance your product range significantly.


The application possibilities of Resysta are almost unlimited. You also benefit from our years of experience and receive comprehensive support.

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