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Have Your Dream Wooded Deck Without the Hassle of Ever Maintaining it!

RESYSTA gives you the look and feel of wood and with better durability, resistance and maintenance. Our material is proven to last 15 years without noticeable degradation and it can be treated, worked and maintained like wood. It can be sanded, sealed or stained for enhanced appearance and even repaired when damaged. lt is also extremely resistant to rot, fungal attacks and even termites.

Made out of a mixture of rice husks, common salt and mineral oil, RESYSTA contains no wood at all thus not contributing to deforestation.

RESYSTA decking offers all the benefits of wood without any downfalls. No swelling, no graying, no cracking and no splintering, leaving you only with the natural lock and feel of tropical wood with minimum maintenance required.


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Although visually there are many positive aspects of using siding, every one of them has its disadvantages. Installation of widely preferred wooden siding is followed by costly maintenance that needs to be performed every 4 to 9 years and the plastic siding presents a high environmental cost related to difficulty of responsible disposal.

Therefore fully recyclable Resysta siding is a perfect solution. With the natural look and feel of wood followed by the minimal maintenance requirements it won over the architects, homeowners and contractors all over the USA.


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Wall claddings made of metal, masonry, wood and various composites present a wide variety of options, but nowadays Resysta is the one to definitely consider. Aside from easy installation and low maintenance, the visual effects of the Resysta Wall Cladding surpass the expectations of building designers and architects. This fully recyclable wood-like composite can be stained in over 30 colors, which opens the doors to creating amazing visual effects not offered by any other product on the market.


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