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One of the most desirable and appealing features of outdoor designs is a wood or wood-like decking. With the constant exposure to the rough environmental factors, for instance beating sun or driving rain many products, such as local timber, do not withstand the test of time, and the tropical hardwoods are very costly to maintain.


For many years siding has been the most traditional form of decorating and waterproofing building walls. Currently the building industry offers several options for this product, but still the most popular remain wood and plastic.

Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is not only functional, providing protection to the external sections of the buildings, but also significantly increases the aesthetics of the construction. With this non-loadbearing layer of decorative component architects have been creating beautiful contemporary edifices for years.

Soffit & Ceilings

Soffits are the undersides of an overhang.You can also use Resysta Panels as your ceiling for a modern and finished look.

The advantages of Soffits: The cladding of the roof overhang also has safety advantages. It protects the roof structure from weather, fire embers and is a deterrent for insects making nests

Screen Walls

Screen walls are non-load-bearing building elements, which are designed as privacy and sun protection or for wind control.

They are particularly light and easy to make from Resysta. They are more durable than wood, but have the same look and add a function with flair.

Trellis/ Canopy

The trellis/ canopy can be an architectural element all on its own. They refer to an entrance area or shade structure. Depending on the planning, they bring a certain complexity and attention to detail to the entire building. They can  designed as spaced or solid elements.

Made of Resysta panels, they add shade and provide protection from the elements.

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