Screen Walls

100% wood-free, water and skid resistant, splinter-free

Estimate your wall cladding costs

Here at Resysta, we have structured a built-in calculator to give you an estimated cost that would be tailored to your project and budget needs.

Material costs for a composite wall cladding may run between $13 – 15.50 a square foot. Only Resysta Wall Cladding is your best selection for your project and budget requirements.


price per profile / sq. ft.

sq. ft.0.00

Estimated costs:


Price various on profile, color & region

Further questions?

Labor time

Working time is the biggest cost factor when building.

The planning and preparation of the substructure or boards is also part of this.

We are your partner, who are professionally at your side in the conception and execution of your project.


There are different versions of profiles. Differences are in the thickness of the planks and the width or whether you want a solid material or with hollow channels.

Also note that depending on the distributor, you can also get the boards ready glazed in standard or special colors and sealed.

You can experiment a bit with our thirty different colors.

Area size

The area size of your facade or terrace is decisive for calculating the costs.

Use our cost calculator to get an idea of what your project can cost. Only rectangular areas can be calculated

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