Why Resysta?

Resysta outshines in product properties, surface & design, handling, sustainability

RESYSTA exists for more than 20 years

Main reason

In 1996 a new mixture of rice husks and plastic was discovered by the scientist Antonio Siu, which, when dried, shows similar consistency and appearance of wood. Processing and the optics of the newly invented tropical wood substitute was refined.

Resysta has thousands of projects around the world, which for decades have been impressing with consistent appearance. That is why we can afford to provide a limited warranty of 25 years on the Resysta material.


There is no other man-made product in the decking and facade industry which offers a material that wasn’t changed since its conception.

The positive experiences with this sustainable and almost indestructible material gained trust of homeowners, designer, architects and contractors. RESYSTA is used whenever it is important that decks, facades and surfaces look good and last long, with little maintenance.

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Hotelpool aussen, Schnee
Resysta material impresses with its unique properties not only with longevity but also in feel, look and the diversity of potential applications for decking and facade design.

Many other reasons why...

Due to the high material density Resysta is especially resistant to rain, snow and ice. Does not swell, splinter, shrink or crack. Resysta differs from other materials. Lignin is the substance that causes wood to gray when exposed to weather influences. Resysta does not contain any wood components and will therefore not gray.

Thanks to certified durability classification 1 against fungal decay – RESYSTA meets highest demands in this regard.


100% recyclable

weather resistance

salt- and chlorine-water resistance

water resistance

no pest infestation or fungal decay

no cracking

Class A Fire Rating according ASTM E84

»Resysta is extremely resistant and features an excellent eco-balance «

Technical and ecological assessment of the Resysta material:

Resysta looks like wood and stands out for its high mechanical strength, thermal stability as well as chemical resistance.
Unlike wood, Resysta is swell-, splinter and crack-free, does not gray or fade and withstands pest infestation. Therefore Resysta products are very durable and don’t require special care or maintenance.
Resysta is a true alternative to tropical wood.

It is therefore especially suitable for outdoor use like garden furniture and outdoor decking as well as for wellness and pool areas, where high strain, aggressive weather, temperature and environmental influences take effect.

Furthermore, Resysta products provide for an exceptionally beneficial eco-balance.

In short: Resysta deserves the title »The better wood« in every sense.


Prof. Dr. Karl Stetter

Chemist with diploma Specialist in varnishes, surface coating compositions, wood preservation, adhesives and their effect on the environment as well as interior harmful substances: Officially appointed and authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria

RESYSTA outshines in....

... product properties

  • UV-resistance

  • weather resistance

  • water resistance

  • salt- and chlorine-water resistance

  • no cracking

  • no pest infestation or fungal decay

  • Class A Fire Rating according ASTM E84

... handling

  • simple installation

  • customary tools

  • easy to refinish

... surface and design

  • wood feel and appearance

  • skid resistant

  • no splintering

  • individual color scheme

... sustainability

  • no rotting

  • 100% recyclable

  • easy-care

Resysta is not a wood plastic composite (WPC) and yet surpasses all known alternative wood materials in feel and durability!


We at Resysta believe in keeping our natural resources. Resysta has the visual appearance, feeling and structure of tropical wood, with absolutely no wood in it. We use a renewable resource that is replaced in short cycles – rice husks.

Resysta, a sustainable material provides the benefits of a wood-look product, but without the negative aspects of wood. No greying or cracking. Recyclable, water resistant and can be stained in over 30 colors. Enjoy Resysta and proudly know, along with us, you are preserving the world in which we live.

Resysta – Winner across the board


Resysta has been awarded at the distinguished anniversary contest in the category “Construction”.


Product Design 2012, 2016 for Resysta film


Resysta has been awarded at the “Design & Product Award” in the category “Design Materials”.


Resysta has been awarded with the “Innovation Award Architecture and Building - Category Sustainability”.