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Classic or modern – with the proprietary finish, especially formulated for the Resysta surfaces, the decking or facade profiles are perfectly finished and protected against infiltration of dirt caused by wear and environmental influences. With selected color shades the surface finish of your choice can be easily created.

The water based formula is odorless and with minimum maintenance traces of use can be easily removed. Since Resysta material is made mainly of natural fibers, each board has a warm color shade with beautiful grain variations. These distinctions from one plank to another give Resysta material natural wood-like appearance. Therefore we proudly like to say that visually Resysta surfaces are “consistently inconsistent” and no other man made composite product has properties like RESYSTA.

Choose from 6 Beautiful Standard Stain Colors

Resysta Color Concept-Special Colors

Surface treatment procedure

Resysta Color Concept provides unique opportunity to create stunning projects with the variety of over 30 colors. We pride ourselves to offer the only composite product on the market which can be refinished based on customers color preference.

Color and protection layer


  • Primer
  • Is an aqueous, colorless primer based on an acrylate dispersion. Resysta RBP Primer conveys a good adhesion, closes the surface against ingress of water, and facilitates even application of the transparent colored Resysta RCL stain. Resysta RBP Primer can be used for indoor and outdoor areas.


  • Coating
  • Is a water-based 1-component protective stain for color designing of Resysta surfaces. RCL finish is specially designed for indoor and outdoor use and features very good weather- and water-resistance. Scope of application is decorative color design for Resysta facades, decking, roof soffits.

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